Adult Cotton Face Mask -Tie Dye Blues

$5.00 $11.99

Stay safe and make it fashionable. Our new in-house tie dye face masks are made using non-toxic dyes right here in Grand Rapids. Choose rainbow, or  "warm" or "cool" colors, depending on your mood. Each one is unique and no two are the same. 


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Low impact fiber reactive dye  
  • Medium weight interfacing. 100% blown polyester with no holes or weave. This is an added layer of protection that will filter out more than the two layers of cotton alone. 
  • Foam covered and corrosion resistant, with waterproof aluminum wire for adjustment around the nose and cheek
  • Dimensions: ~ Runs slightly smaller than regular mask: 4.75" H x 7.5" W
  • Elastic straps are ~ 7 to 7.5" long 
  • Hand wash in warm water before using and between uses. Air dry or machine dry. Item is pre-washed. 

We as a company, as well as all of the individuals involved in designing and making these masks, make no claim that the masks can filter out any specific or general virus, particles, germs, liquid or airborne illnesses. We hope they help in the limiting of the spread of the virus but we cannot make any claim as to their efficacy or filtration. 

This product was designed and made in Grand Rapids, Michigan using re-purposed fabric. The price of the mask supports supplies, materials, and labor. 

Customer Reviews

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Penny F
Satisfied customer

I ordered three mask for the amazing deal of $5 each for two and a third free! Great color and style choices. These masks are the best for people with glasses. The “bendy” thing that goes over the nose is the best I have had. It actually fits to your face/nose and does not allow air to escape up and fog my glasses! Wonderful products from a great company. Thank you.....