Banners to Bags

Give new life to billboards, signs, and banners.

Rather than dumping your old signs in a landfill, let’s find a creative way to re-use that vinyl, nylon, or mesh.

Get Started

How Does it Work?

In short: you give us old signs, we turn them into bags. 

Each Banner to Bag project is unique. We work with you to save as much material as possible, while creating products that showcase your brand. Production lasts 4-6 weeks, as our team needs time to design, clean, prep, cut, and sew each banner bag. (Cleaning fees may apply, depending on the state in which your banners arrive at the workshop.)

The Process

Step 1:

Gather up your extra signage. Measure the length and width of each piece.

Step 2:

Have this info ready to go:

  • Measurements and quantity of banners
  • Quantity of finished bags
  • Timeline
  • Design preferences

Step 3:

Submit a request form to get started.

Step 4:

We’ll schedule a meeting to iron out project details, solidify a timeline, and review costs.

Step 5:

Pick up your bags! You’ve now elevated your company’s sustainability and have proven that it is possible to create living wage jobs, divert textiles from the landfill, and support the local supply chain by purchasing a quality product!

Banners to Bags Request Form:

(There is a $50 set up fee, plus the cost for printing and materials.)