Face Mask Lanyard
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Keep your mask close as you move through your day with stylish mask lanyards with metal clips.  Transition from private to public spaces without ever losing track of your mask! Made with upcycled material.


  • Upcycled Material: colorful woven webbing from our partners at Chaco®
  • New Materials: Metal Clasps  
  • Dimensions: 32" long, 3/8" wide 
  • Locking clips to attach the lanyard to your mask
  • Circle band at the back to adjust fit 
  • Hand washing preferred. 
  • Limited quantity of each pattern/color
  • New options will be added frequently 

Bulk Orders: 

If you are interested in buying a batch of lanyards for your team (50 or more) we have price discounts for larger quantities.
Please contact janay@publicthread.co for more info. 

This product was designed and made in Grand Rapids, Michigan using re-purposed materials. The price of the mask supports supplies, materials, and labor.  


The clip opens by popping the back of the clip up.
When closing it you push the back of the clip down.   
If you have any issues or the clip breaks contact us and we will be happy to fix or replace it. 

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