How a Billboard Becomes a Bag

Made from a heavy duty vinyl, billboard canvas is designed to withstand the elements, making it ideal for everyday tote bags. They are waterproof and durable, so whether you are grabbing groceries, hauling sports equipment or going to the beach, they hold up to whatever you throw at them and in them. The average size billboard is 14ft high x 48ft long. From that, we produce upwards of 70 tote bags measuring 44" round x 13" high x 17."

Each year, more than 18 million tons of usable textiles end up in landfills. By transforming used billboards into bags, we extend the life of existing material and divert waste from our community landfills.

So, how does a billboard go from spreading messages on the highway to a stand-out, everyday powerhouse tote bag?

1.Our tote bags start as billboards in our community. Once the billboards have served their purpose, our supply partners take them down and get them to us. 

2. We sort through the boards, looking for colors, designs and styles that connect with the products they will become. We cut the material and then its ready to be sewn into bags.

Billboard Bags

3. After the materials are cut and ready for production, our Sewists start stitching the bags and adding webbing for handles. 

Billboard Bags

4. Bags are inspected for quality before hitting the shelves and going online.

Billboard bags

Additional scraps are transformed into our Bricks and Cubes.

Billboard bags

Our billboard bags are available for purchase online, at South East Market, Bridge Street Market, Fresh Thyme Grand Rapids, Fresh Thyme Portage and Capital City Market in Lansing. 

December 16, 2021 — Elyse Wild